What You Should Know about Errors and Omissions Insurance

17 November 2020
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Even if you offer professional services and even if you have taken steps to protect yourself and your business, you might not have heard of errors and omissions insurance. Since this might be an insurance type that you have never even heard of, you might not really be able to imagine why you might need it. However, if you offer professional services for a living, you need to know certain things about errors and omissions insurance, including the things listed below. Read More 

How To Get Cheaper High-Risk Auto Insurance

19 October 2020
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Car insurance providers don't charge the same rates to all drivers. If you are designated as being a high-risk driver, then you're likely to have to pay higher premiums. While you may expect your auto insurance to cost more, this doesn't mean that you can't make some savings in other ways. How can you reduce your insurance costs here? Work Out Why You're a High-Risk Customer Auto insurance companies have various classifications for high-risk customers. Read More 

Three Things An Insurance Professional Should Know About New York State’s CE Requirements

16 September 2020
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If you are an insurance professional in the state of New York, there are continuing educational standards that need to be met. Currently, the requirement is every two years, and this applies to your particular area of practice. These requirements are due to changes in insurance laws that undergo expansion and revisions. There are a few aspects of this process that you should understand, especially if this is your first time going through it. Read More 

Is Auto Insurance Coverage Really Necessary?

14 August 2020
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While most U.S. states require a certain minimum amount of auto insurance coverage for all drivers, there are some drivers who still wonder if auto insurance is the absolute necessity car insurance companies proclaim it to be. The simple answer is yes. Car insurance is necessary for drivers today. Here's why. Distracted Driving Reigns Supreme The sad reality is that on the roads today, distracted driving is a problem of monumental proportions. Read More 

How To Obtain Cheap Auto Insurance

15 July 2020
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Insuring your home, your health, your life, and your car can add up. Finding a great price for car insurance is something most people want, but many people don't know how to get the best price. Cheap auto insurance is possible, but it usually takes some effort in order to ensure you are getting the best available rate. If you are getting close to your annual renewal time with your car insurance company, then you will want to do the following to get cheap auto insurance for the next year. Read More